Alberto Siliotti - "SINAI DIVING GUIDE"

The Sinai has become in only a few years one of the most popular destinations, and probably the most frequented, for scuba divers from all over the world. In fact, in Sharm el-Sheikh alone, the tourist capital of the region, an average of more than one thousand dives are done every day that are unfortunately concentrated on only a tenth dive sites.
The increase in scuba divers, however, is inversely proportional to the knowledge of those who guide and present the sites and who no longer have the time and possibility to increase their knowledge.
In times when the scuba diver has to transform himself from a simple 'tourist' to an explorer of the undersea world in order to not only understand it but to respect and protect it, this book, a real diving atlas which has been elaborated over more than ten years of diving experience, illustrates clearly and easily the topography as well as the 'secrets' of all major dive sites of the South Sinai. Contents
How to Use This Guide
The Red Sea
- The origin of a name
- The Red Sea in figures
- Small dictionary of geographical terms
The Red Sea in the history
Origin and geology
The climate
The winds and breezes
- Beaufort Wind Scale and
effects observed on the sea
- Gulf of Suez
Currents and tidesThe Coral Reef
- The world of the reef
- Coral bleaching
Architecture of the coral reef
- The growth of the coral reef
Morphology of the coral reef

The Reef´s Marine Fauna
- Sharks and scuba divers in the Red Sea
- Typical species of the Red Sea
Dangerous organisms

Diving in the Red Sea
Shore dives
Boat diving
- The shamandura
- The nautical charts
- Small dictionary of nautical terms
- On board items
- International Signal Code
Communication on board
- Hertz waves

- Risk factors and precautions
- Emergency telephone numbers

The Protection of the Marine Environment
- Regulations of the Park

Monitoring the Reef
- Natural factors
- Man-induced factors
- Environment
- Fauna

Reef Indicators
Underwater Signals
Conversion Table, Weights and Measures